On the snowman there is a hat,
Although he is quite fat.
Holly and mistletoe hung on my door,
Presents strewn across the floor.
Robins skidding across the icy lane,
It’s Christmas time everyone,HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

Paddington 2

I loved it all, especially two reasons, when Paddington put the electric toothbrushes in his ears and when his auntie came to the Brown ‘s house. The only thing that I didn’t like was when Phoenix Buchanan blamed the crime on Paddington and he was sent to jail.I can’t tell you anything that I would change because the move is so good and the actors are brilliant. Also, the characters are magnificent.

By 21beatrix


I like it this movie . I like when they were flying and when snowman came to life

By 21asmit


Despicable me 3

Who are the main characters?

The main characters are Gru, Lucy and their daughters Margo, Edith and Agnes. Balthazar Bratt is the villain and Dru is Gru’s twin brother.

Where is it set?
It all began when Gru and Lucy were on boats racing to stop Balthazar from getting the world’s biggest diamond.

I liked it when Gru finds Dru because Dru is the exact opposit to Gru.

By Finley!

Santa and the Elves

At Christmas the Elves are getting ready for christmas .Then we can get to open the presents and that’s the story of Christmas the end of the story.

By Molly

Rose and I

Today me and Rose got out of the bed.  Then me and Rose got dressed in are school clothes.Next me and Rose left the house. I went to school and Rose went to preschool. Then we came home.


Mya and Jan

Once upon a time a little girl was named Jan and had a horse named Mya they lived in Australia Jan is 20 years old . Mya’s favourite colour is gold the end.


Captain Underpants

I like it because he has a catch phrase it’s catchy it’s tra la laaaaaaa and also funny villans or if you say foes. Here are some of them, prefessor poopypants but he is now called tippy tinkletrousers and the turbo toilet 2000 and also trixe carl and frankenbooger and I’ve seen this one but not read it. I think it’s little diper hero and one hero mr krupp aka captain underpants.

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By 21samuel