Christmas Blogging!

Can you write a Christmas poem?

Can you write about the Christmas story?

Can you write about winter?

Can you write a winter poem?

What other ideas for a Christmas blog have you got?

Please submit you ideas- be creative!

5 facts about me

what is my favorite food?

my favorite food is my mums spaghetti

favorite music? 

my favorite song is run up

what is my favorite thing to play with?

my favorite thing to play with is my skipping rope

whats my hobbie ?

my hobbie is gyimnastics


5 Facts about me!

1) Whats my favourite  food? My favourite food is…Pizza.

2)Whats my favourite music? My favourite music is…Mi gente.

3)My favourite thing to play with?My favourite thing to play  with is…SLIME!

4)Whats my hobbie?I like to play…football.


Charlotte’s Homework

The huge, scary giant was sweating like a smelly, dirty pig in the sun.

Sophie was a banshee screaming and running away from the huge giants.

The sky was as dark as a cellar in a castle.

The immense, smelly Bloodbottler is a mean, tricky giant.


A game of snakes and ladders

“I love playing snakes and ladders” said Tillly. “Me to” said Lucy. Lucy rolled the dice to start the game and went up a long, twisty ladder and poof! The girls where gone in a puff of smoke.

Suddenly, they stopped. Where were they? What could they see?

Next time…

Half Term Blogging Challenge

Vocab Ninja Challenge

Here is your year group’s Vocab Ninja Challenge. Can you use the word in a sentence or paragraph?

50 Word Story Challenge

Can you write a story using only 50 words? It can be about anything you like. Just make sure you hook the reader!


The giant was big, so big that he reached the top of the mountain.

Sophie was so scared, she got tangled up in the curtains and went under the covers of her bed.

It was dark outside, pitch black!  The only thing you could see was the shining stars like sapphires.

The Bloodbottler was cruel and mean, his favourite thing was human on toast with strawberry jam on top.

Takoda’s homework

The BFG was as tall as one hundred houses.

The BFG was a mouse tiptoeing passed the ugly giants.

The BFG was like a poacher catching dreams left, right and centre.

The BFG was a kangaroo jumping over the tall trees.

Brooke’s homework

The giant was big

The giant was as tall as a house.

Sophie was scared.

Sophie was petrified !

The night was dark .

The night was pitch black with shining stars!

The Bloodbottler was mean.

The Bloodbottler was mean because he eats children!