The red house

December 6th, 2017  Tagged

17 November                                                                                                         Haling road

One day there was a house being built . This house never had visitors since it was built and people say it is haunted . One day a girl aged seven named Bella walked by. She stood there stairing at the HOUSE . On either side of the house was a bench and a old woman sat there. The door of the house slammed shut and opened again. The old women went up to the girl and whispered into her ear and said “ Hello girl this house is luxury” . The  girl went up to the old lady and slapped the old lady around the face with a notebook. The old lady slowly fainted . The girl looked around and looked at the house once again. The second time she went to look at the old lady because she knew there was something wrong with her . Then a thought came to her… she looked at her with strength and actually the old lady turned into a child.

Find out what happens next…


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