19megans poem!

December 14th, 2017  Tagged

Last time I wrote a poem about my granddad now its about my great grandma, Jolanta.(95)

Jolanta is an amazing great grandma,

Only she is left of my grandmas and granddads,

Leaving her is a hard time for me,

And lovely, she is,

Nobody has a more lovely smile than her,

Take her hand and she will take you into a world of love,

Always I remember she is the best grandma to me.

I love you, grandma.



5 whizzpoping jokes!

December 14th, 2017  Tagged
  1. What do you get if you cross a suitcase and a squirrel?
  2. What travels around the world but stays in a corner?
  3. What do little vampires learn at school?
  4. What do polar bears have for dinner?
  5. On which side do tigers have the most strips?

Comment what you think the answers are.I will do a blog about the answers in 2 weeks!

Why …

December 14th, 2017


The reason we kill is a strange one it has tragedy in it and mystery. We are the Anderson brothers …


Chapter 1 :John’s Story

We are are the ones that have killed but now we have a reason. We were raised by nasty rude parents and no we didn’t kill them but they made us they made us into monsters we are today. We don’t want to kill but it’s very addictive. We are the beasts that no man can tame but no more about us lets look at why …

We, at first always knew it was wrong but Mike started it  all. It wasn’t me it was him he encouraged me to do it he made me do it it wasn’t me.

Chapter 2 : Another Anderson

We have another brother he doesn’t kill his name is Tom Anderson he’s a priest he doesn’t know us but we know him. He also lived in Bristol but you can’t see him anymore, we killed him.

Chapter 3 : Mike’s Story

I started it I killed then John followed that’s it.

war questions

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  1. How many tanks (7nvs) were made a 20 or b 30
  2. When did the war start and how?
  3. What was the most planes shot down?
  4. Final one… Who was the first German leader? Type in comments. Bye!

19megans poem!

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This poem is about about my grandad, Jerzy, who died in May.

Just think of what you want and he buys it,

Every hug is from the heart,

Reliable, thats the word to describe him,

Zebras are his favourite animal,

You love your grandad and I love mine.

Thankyou grandad for caring for me, Megan

About me!

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Name: Mia

Gender: Girl

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Pasta Pest0

Thank you for reading! 19mia!

My next door neighbour!

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My next door neighbour is called Rosie and she is my best friend! First, Rosie wanted to play Barbie’s so we did. After that ,we played craft. We both made Christmas cards. I made some for my class and Rosie made one for her mum. Now we are blogging! Rosie made a blog post for her class blog and I made one for you which you are reading now! Thank you for reading! 19mia!

My 2 pets!

December 11th, 2017  Tagged

I have a pet and it is a bunny. She is a girl and I like my bunny because it is fluffy. It DOES NOT bite and is a very good friend. My bunny is calm and always comes to me. My bunny NEVER bites me. It is very cute and cuddly! I love her so much she makes me happy all week long. I am very happy she is here. She is the best pet in the whole wide world. I also have a pet hamster that for some random reason is running all around the house and I can’t find it. At night we can hear him scratching the walls. Do you have any pets? How many?Please comment!!

Polish words

December 11th, 2017  Tagged


Today I will be showing you how to write words in Polish.

milk= mleko

girl= dziewczynka


good morning=dzieńdobry







guinea pig= świnka morska

bunny/rabbit= królik

Try learning all of these!

Favourite Youtubers

December 11th, 2017  Tagged ,

Hello, I have 2 favourite Youtubers.

My first favourite Youtuber is JoJo Siwa because she is amazing at dancing an brilliant at making all kinds of slime!

My second favourite Youtuber is Maddie Ziegler because she is really kind and good at making people laugh.

What is your favourite Youtuber?

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