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Do you know the 3rs ?

RECYCLING-Recycling is putting rubbish in certain bins!


REDUCE- Reduce is not using as much rubbish!

REUSE-Reuse is where you use rubbish in certain bins!Image result for recycling

Image result for recycling

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My favourite song!

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My favourite song is Mans not hot by Big Shaq.

My favourite part of it is when it says 2+2=4-1 that’s 3 Quick Maths. Every day mans on the block.

It is only a week old and lots of people love it. It is on youtube and there is different versions of it but the normal one is the best.

What is you’re favourite version of it?

Thanks for reading this blog!

Yours Sincerely,

Archie G



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About me!

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I like to do gymnastics for a sport. I like to play jokes on people and mess around with lots of things. I also like cats,which I have two of. I collect the strangest things like Cardboard tubes! I am very strange and weird at times.

I have two cats which are both boys:

  • Teddy
  • Pip

Pip is two years old and likes to have a cuddle with you and purr at the same time.

Teddy is CRAZY because ha is half bengal. Bengals are crazy so Teddy is crazy too!!!



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My best friends?

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I have alot of friends.


Can you guess who my 1st, 2nd and 3rd best friends are?

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My Non negotiables!

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  1. Hold your pen or pencil correctly.

  2. Copy the LO and date correctly and under line with a ruler.

  3. Copy words (from the board correctly

  4. Use capital letters to begin a sentence and a proper noun😍

  5. Use full stops to end a sentence.

  6. Make sure that I join some letters,write on the line.

  7. Use my vocabulary book to spell words correctly.









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My best friends

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My friend is the most important to me in school! !!!!!!

I have been in school for a year and I got lots of friend.

I met her in turtle class .


Do you know who?

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Butterfly club Jaquine Wilson

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It is a really good book because she makes friends with her enimie and they have to dig a field and put a green house so the butterflys are safe in the winter I REALLY LOVED THE BOOK.

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The BFG by Roald Daul

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In this book the main characters of the BFG are Sophie and the BFG. I would recommend this book to all ages. It is a book that involves a lot of imagining.
It is very funny and good.

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Our recycling work.

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Ruby R,

Have you ever wondered why recycling is so important? 

Archie G,

Recycling is important because it saves the plants, the environment, habitats and ourselves, humans.

Ruby R,

Did you know enough rubbish is used in the UK to fill Wembley football stadium 50 times!

Archie G,

Reduce all the rubbish in the landfill sites and tips.

Ruby R,

One of the four R’s I a Re-think. When you re-think you are putting a piece of rubbish in the wrong place then you re-think and then put it in the right place.


Thanks for reading. See you next time.


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The library books list!

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In the library these types of books are found,

  • Horrid Henry and the mummy’s curse.
  • Horrid Henry and the haunted house.
  • Harry potter JK Rowling whole collection.
  • Beast Quest collection.
  • Rainbow magic collection.
  • Spy Dogs collection.
  • Football player books eg. Leo Messi and Gareth Bale.

Thank you for listening!

See Ya’ll


From Archie G and Ruby R

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