our invisible pets

This is our little club called our invisible pets. This is a group where people make up a invisible pet then call it a name and what animal it is. This club takes place every Friday in the library. There will be a book that we will pass on the the winner of the vote. It is a bit like star of the week were you vote who gets the book. When you get the book you write what you pet is called at the top and write about it. If you would  like to look back to see what people have done then that is fine.

Only 5 more people can join are little club  tell Flora in year 4 if you wanted to join you will have a little pet

join if you wanted to.


Bristol city

Hi, I’m going to talk about Bristol city v Middlesbrough

Bristol city won 2-1 Joe Bryan scored and Jamie paterson scored to make it 2-0 then Magnusson scored an own goal to make it 2-1. It was a close game but Bristol city held on for the win. Bristol city are up to 3rd but only on goal difference. Bristol city are just 6 points behind the leaders Wolves.

WARHAMMER!(how to paint warhammer)

This is how you paint warhammer. If you do not know what warhammer is it is a board game. You have to glue them together and paint them in order to paint them.

Read these instructions to know how to paint warhammer (how to paint a space marine).

Step 1:Cover it with a base out (cover it in one colour). Your basecout is macrage blue. Leave it to dry (about 10-25 mins depending on the thickness).

Step 2-Do all of the details. The paints that you will need is:bathser gold,agrax earth shade and imperial primer.

That is how you paint a warhammer space marine .

Until now bye ,bye!


calm down storm cat

Calm down Great Storm cat hush your big waves.

I can feel your strong wind,

Now calm down and go to sleep

Calm down and go to sleep.

Great Storm cat no need to be angry


Book reviews on mr gum

Mr Gum in The Hound of Lamonic Bibber

llustrated by David Tazzyman

Author is Andy Stanton

My favourite part is when Mr Gum and Billy William are playing chess

I do you not like it when Polly and Friday O Leary blame Mr gum and Billy William for breaking the town’s stuff but it is actually not them.

The characters are Billy William, Mr Gum, Polly, Friday O Leary,  Jonathan Ripples and an old granny.





I wrote a song called NYC. it goes like this:

Walking down the street

Nice to meet you

(wo whoa o wo o)

i can’t see your face

nice to meet you

(wo  whoa o wo o)

Cause girl i an’t got no money

but you ain’t got style like me


Anybody can be who they wanna be


No body can tell you


looking at your face

i can tell your classy

(wo whoa o wo o)

I catch a little glimpse

I can tell your classy

(wo whoa o wo o)


Can you solve this code?🤔

👀📱                                              Good luck! Hope you find them all!