Netball Match Against Wicklea Academy

On the 21st of November some of Holymead’s Netball Team went to Wicklea Academy for a netball match. We started off by warming up. We ran up and down and we practiced our throwing skills. Next we got our positions. To start I was Wing Defense on the blue team. As we started playing Wicklea got lots of scores and then we got one. The scores were 3-1! The next match I was watching and we scored 4 more! Now the score was 5-4 (because they scored again)!  On the last game (which was really short) the team got two more and they got two more so we won! I was Goal Keeper so I couldn’t score. The scores were 7-6! We were really happy that we had won!


By Neeve

Netball match!

Last Tuesday we played against Wicklea Academy and we won 7-6. I was goal attack and scored 4 and Tchii was goal shoot and scored 3. Wicklea were really good and it was a tough game. We really enjoyed the game and we are very grateful  we were able to play!


By Lola

Holymead vs Wicklea Netball match

Today (21.11,17) , the netball team had its second match. This time it was against Wicklea Academy, which is a school at the end of Wick Rd. Both teams did amazingly well but at the end there could only be one winner. It was……….. HOLYMEAD!!! Everyone played fairly and respectfully towards each other and we all had fun. Well done to our two goal scorers- Lola (Goal attack) and Tchii (Goal shooter). They managed to score 7 goals altogether and Wicklea scored six goals. We couldn’t have done it without our three teachers: Mrs Kelly, Mrs Perry and Chloe (Mrs Perry’s daughter) ,who were there to help us out during the match.

I look forward to our next match – Holymead vs West Town Lane. If you liked this post, you may find Neeve T’s Netball passes blog interesting.

Our Netball match against Wicklea Academy!

On the 21st of November we played a netball match against Wicklea Academy and…..We won! It was a very close match as it was 7-6. I had a really fun time playing, I was centre. Their team was really good and if they had a bit more time I think they may have just won.