Christmas poem

Oh winter oh winter,

Christmas time is here,

I’m staying near to give you festive cheer,

I’ve  built something glistening white,

It smiles once its made,

Its nose pointing out like a stick,

And its arm give us a wave.

Its a snowman!


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The Christmas I Will Never Forget

One stormy night, on Christmas Eve, a young girl couldn’t get to sleep in her bed. That little girl was called Holly. She was too excited to get to sleep, she was thinking about all the lovely presents she was going to get.

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winter winter please stay

winter winter i want to play

winter winter dont go away

winter winter  have a good day

winter winter atleast one more day

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Nightmare Land

It was a dark night on Grave Street and Ben had just been tucked in to bed. when he felt an odd sensation. He was being watched… He turned to his window and standing there was a clown waving at him in the rain. He blinked… It was gone. He heard a chainsaw beginning to rev. He heard a door creaking open downstairs. Soon after, he heard stomping getting closer… closer… closer.He made a run for the window as the chainsaw began to shred the door like paper. He jumped!

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Stone Age!

The Stone Age people put moss on their floor because they slept on the floor and the moss acted like a bed. They killed animals because they needed to get blood for their paint and the animal skins to wear. Also, they ate the animal meat. They made stone tools by sometimes sharpening the stone on other pieces of stone. You wouldn’t want to be stabbed by that!

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Jacky Ha Ha

Jacky ha ha is a great book! Have you ever read it? Here is the blurb: with a name like Jacky ha ha, that’s what I was born to do! You could say I’m an expert on wisecracks, pranks, gags and anything else that’ll bring on the chuckles. Find the rest online!

Facts/other information.

Jacky has six sisters they are called: Sydney, Sophia, Victoria, Hannah, Riley and Emma. Emma is six and is very bossy. Riley is eleven and Jacky is next. Jacky loves to pull pranks, she is twelve. Now I won’t tell you the rest.

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The Diamond Brothers

This FANTASTIC book by Anthony Horowitz is about a young boy called Nick and his older brother Tim (or Herbert). Together, they go on many adventures. Tim -who is probably the worlds worst detective- is very poor but throughout the book series strange people offer him a lot of money for small and simple things.

So far, I have read: Public Enemy Number 2, South by South East and I am currently reading The Falcon’s Malteser. I can’t wait to read the others!

I have equally enjoyed them all but my favourite has probably got to be… South by South East. I was so surprised when I found out who Charon was!

I highly, 100% recommend these amazing books because they are so well written and will surprise you in so many different ways! There is only ONE word to describe these books… M-I-N-D–B-L-O-W-I-N-G!!!

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Lacey-Locks and the three extremely rich people ( who DON’T pay their taxes!)

Wandering around the corner of the street, Lacey-Locks (also known as Lacey) spotted something that made her squeal with delight: a mansion the size of twenty five of the biggest elephants in the world! Almost tripping over, Lacey-Locks sprinted up to the door as fast as her legs would carry her. Knocking on the door, it instantly creaked wide open.

“Needs some oil I’d say. You know what, I’ll do them a favour and oil it for them.” Lacey-Locks muttered to herself grinning from ear to ear.

Entering the first room, she noticed that there were three bowls of… PORRIDGE! Just kidding! With the money they’ve got, who needs porridge? Instead of porridge, there were three checks. The first one was 300 pounds, the second 500 pounds and the third was… 1000 WHOLE pounds!

“WOW! That’s 1800 pounds in total! WOW!” Lacey- Locks exclaimed edging up the stairs and into the first room on the left.


In this room, there were millions and I mean MILLIONS of clothes, shoes, hair accessories and jewellery. If Lacey-Locks hadn’t been satisfied before, she certainly was now!

After hours of trying on all of the clothes and shoes, she finally decided on a beautiful, elegant white, sleeveless dress with diamonds along the edges and a long, flowing skirt. To match with the dress, she had decided to try on some 4 inch, white high heels with diamond along the edges of the straps. Also, she had her hair up in a ladder braid with a white butterfly pin. On her neck, lay an elegant, silver necklace with a large diamond about the size of an eye.

Walking daintily along the corridor, her hand turned a gold knob and she stepped inside. This room was different to the others. Why? Because it was a DANCE STUDIO!!

Second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, Lacey- Locks danced and sang. She was so engrossed that she didn’t realise that the door was opening or that three people had walked in (two men, one woman) or that they were THE richest people in the WHOLE OF EUROPE!

Once the music had stopped, Lacey-Locks turned to face the three very surprised looking people. Realising who they were, Lacey-Locks froze. She tried to speak but no sound came out. In the end, the only thing she could muster up was a very quiet:


Unlike Lacey-Locks, the two men had something to say- a lot to say.

“Whoa are you? What are you doing here? What are you wearing? Who do you think you are? How old are you? 12? 13?11? Are you a policeman come to arrest us for not paying our taxes? Of course your not- your only a child! Why are yo-” they finished mid sentence. Why? Probably because the third person (probably the leader) held up her hand and shot them a look that said ‘be quiet unless you want something bad to happen to you.’ (The other explanation of why they stopped mid sentence could have been because there was a sudden stink of onions. We shall never know…)

Speaking up, the lady stated the following: “I understand why you may be angry but it is quite obvious that this young girl has talent! Am I not correct. If not, then I want an explanation of why she is not talented. Go on, speak up! No one? Just as I suspected.”

With a satisfied smirk on her face, she turned to Lacey-Locks and smiled.

“Hello, my name is Ms. Maria. I apologise for my colleagues behaviour. Anyway, as I was saying,darling, you have talent! May I ask for your age?”

“10 and 11 months- and 29 days. I was born on the 1st of December. Oh! My birthdays tomorrow! How could I forget?”

“How intriguing! I know, as you are 10 and 11 months that you have got a good 8 years until you are an adult, that you shouldn’t really have a job yet but most pop stars start at a young age and… I THINK THAT YOUR CAREER A SINGER STARTS HERE! ” Ms. Maria exclaimed excitedly

“A-a singer? Now? Well, I’m afraid that I am going to say… YES!!!” Lacey-Locks screamed jumping up and down

“Excellent, we shall start tomorrow at 9:00 pm. See you there!”

“Yes… don’t forget that it’s my birthday tomorrow!”

“Never! OH, and keep the clothes, they suit you!”

“Well, in that case then, bye!”

“Bye darling!”

Sighing, Lacey-Locks started home. Today had been full of surprises and had been fun but she was very tired and almost fell asleep just walking on the way back to her limo. Before her head even made contact with her pillow, Lacey-Locks was fast asleep in seconds. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day…


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The World’s Worst Children

The World’s Worst Children is one of the best books I’ve ever read! It is backed with hilarious jokes, puns and terrible but creative deeds! David Walliams is my favourite auher because he always gets me laughing until my stomach hurts! The charaters in this histerical book includes: Sofia sofa(my favourite!), Brian Wong(who was never, EVER wrong), Windy Mindy, Peter Picker, Grubby Gertrude, Earnest Ernest, the list goes on! My favourite character would have to be Sfia sofa because she (and I hate to say this) reminds me of myself! Her eyes are always glued to the TV and she ended up ‘completely wedged in’ the sofa. I highly recommend this book to readers seeking eye-watering laughs of joy: I enjoyed this book very, very, very much. Thank you David Walliams, for creating this amazing novel I will never forget.

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The House of Mirrors

She pulled on the handle but it wouldn’t move. The lights were on so where were her parents? She tried to call her mum, then her dad. She tried one more time. Nothing happened. Taking a deep breath, she walked away. “Right,” muttered Lily to herself, “Where can I go?” She  thought for a moment. “Maybe Lucy’s house?”

Sighing, Lily walked towards the miserable graveyard (which was a shortcut to Lucy’s house). Petrified, frightened, alone, Lily gulped as she saw the graveyard keeper’s mansion.Covered in cobwebs,which were silvery in the moonlight, the mansion towered over Lily. As soon as she could, Lily walked past the large mansion but something drew her back.It was a kind of melodic music. Once again, she found herself staring at the massive residence. And, once more, the soft music drew her nearer and nearer, until she was in reach of the ruined door. This had never happened before, as she had only ever taken a glance at it. “It wouldn’t hurt to go inside.” she whispered under her breath.

So, just like she had said, Lily Rose Jones entered the spine-shivering mansion. Inside was a completely different image then what she had in her mind. Instead of cobwebbed ceilings and dusty floors, there were millions of ancient mirrors on the walls and a blood-red, velvet carpet running along the vast corridor and slithering up the stairs like a snake. She felt herself being drawn to one of the mirrors. Instead of being old and broken, this one looked like it had just been made. With a deep breath, Lily reached for the mirror. Jumping back, she drew a breath. Her hand had gone right through the mirror as if it wasn’t there!

“This is creepy. I should probably just go.” Lily muttered to herself, pulling her hand away from the mirror. As she turned away, something caught the corner of her eye. It was some sort of creature with blue, bumpy skin and a long, twisting tail. It’s purple eyes stared intently at her as it made it’s way towards her. Sniffing her bruised legs, he jumped into the mirror and instantly disappeared.

“What the…”

Shaking her head, she turned around. Suddenly, a figure with a hood as black as night appeared and shoved her into the mirror.

Opening her eyes, Lily looked around. There was a sky as blue as blue and as she stood up she saw the thing staring up at her. For a moment Lily was silent and then she burst out into hysterics.

“Oh My Gosh! Where? How? Who? Oh gosh! Where am I?” Lily screamed.

Focusing on the mysterious creature, she narrowed her eyes.

“You, you did this. How do we get back? Tell me.”

The creature stared up at her and then with a flick of it’s tail the creature changed: changed into a man. Lily turned white.

“OMG! You’re a man. I mean- What I meant to say was- How- WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?!”

“Excuse me for my impoliteness. My name is Ronan and I am sorry about well- you know but Queen Miriam just had to see you and- are you ok?”

Lily was turning even whiter and suddenly everything started spinning.

“Liiiilllyyyy? Liiiiiiiiiiiillllllyyyyyy? Waaaaakeeeee uuuupppp!”

Falling to the ground, her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Everything went black…

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