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The origins of KFC Pt.1-The Recruit!

”KFC!” cried Harry and Ahmed ”It’s gone!”  They were gonna get some popcorn chicken but now they couldn’t! Ahmed had black,short hair and long,skiny legs. He was tall  (along with Harry). Although they were the same height, Harry was much more buff💪🏻.  The street they lived on was rundown but it was home to the finest, the most delicious popcorn chicken in the world. Ahmed was scared for his life;he had to get it back. They both did. They stared into the empty space where all their memories had been held. Slowly and sadly, they put their hoods up, untied the Jordans and cried until their eyes were as dry as deserts. They only knew one thing ; they had to get it back…

When Ahmed finally got home, he grabbed his supreme NERF gun (The Hyperfire) and snatched 3000 bullets- he needed CHICKEN! Harry met him outside and they set of on their quest…

The Ultamate snowman! Part 1

The snowman awoke from his slumber then a boy came a long and grabbed a shovel and said ” say hello to my little friend ” and ran into battle the snowman a snowball blaster and said ” not today buddy ” and shot the kid fell over from the snow in his eyes the snowman claimed victory and became the snow worrier. He ran inside the snowman ran inside to the snowman took the pie! The boy called upon the ancient pink fluffy penguin. The penguin used his powerful super slippy slap the snowman could not handle it then Santa came in with his healing powers Santa was the snowmans backup plan the snowman went in and threw his top hat at the penguin the penguin went flying into space the snowman and Santa pulled threw victorious

The End


Netball is my favourite sport because it’s a non contact sport. This means there is no tackling. Although there is a less of a chance of getting hurt, I have managed to get a ball thrown in my face(IT HURT!). 

I am in the school netball club. Its really fun, because we get to go in different positions every time. My favourite position is GS(that stands for goal shoot). One time I managed to shoot 3 times-but sadly it wasn’t in a match.

Also, we get to have matches with different schools. We have had 2 matches already and I’ve played in 1. Fortunately, we won in both;in the one I played in we won 3-1. I think in the other one we won 6-5. 

Winter poem

Because it’s winter!

Winter is here,

Snow is falling,

My fingers are turning to ice,

But I don’t mind,

Because it’s winter!

The red chest robins are out,

But some animals are sleeping,

They wont wake up until spring,

But I don’t mind,

Because it’s winter!

The jumpers are out,

The vests are away,

The trousers are out,

The shorts are away,

But I don’t mind,

Because it’s winter!

Remember look out for Santas sleigh,

And hear Rudolph chomping away.



The best birthday ever! [part 1]

I awoke on my birthday dreading what the new day would bring but Mum was estatic and so was Dad. He devoured his breakfast bar in one huge gulp.

“Today will be a good day son,”stated Dad,while Mum poured him a glass of fresh semi-skimmed milk.

But I didn’t think so. My cousins were coming round[they’re evil]. Last time they played a big prank on me and tipped a bucket of oozy slime over my head. They promised they wouldn’t do it this time. I don’t believe them. I never would. 2 years ago they promised not to bother me but they did. Now I never will trust them again. But i’m older now and i’ll just stay in my room all day. I wish Mum and Dad knew what it felt like to have a bad day just like me.

“Tommy, they’re here!” yelled Dad from downstairs.

“Ok,”I shouted back.

I rushed down the stairs to greet them. I opened the door and they were as quick as a flash to get in. They started jogging around Mum and Dad in a continuous loop. As they gradually started to slow down, Dad asked them if they were alloud to go outside. Eventually Dad lets them out and tells me to play with them. So I do as i’ve been told and go.

“Hey Jake, hey Lucy what are you doing?” I asked.

“Just playing.” they replied.

“Can I play?” I asked.

“If you want to.” they shouted.

The quest for McDonalds

Once upon a time there lived two boys named Theo and Ali who were on a quest to go to McDonalds. They had to fight Ogres using swords made of chips, helmets made out  of McFlurry pots and armor made out of chicken nuggets. They may not have actually done that stuff but they like to think that they did. They came across dragons who spat out milkshakes instead of fire but it might have just been a dog being sick after it accidentally drank a milkshake. They had to cross roads that were infested with colossal burgers but still, it might of just been a few cars that had crashed.

They got to their final obstacle which was the dreaded automatic door of doom. The only reason they called it that is because it never opened when they wanted it to. The results to trying to get in weren’t very surprising, Theo walked into the door a few times and Ali tried to take the logical approach… wait! It still didn’t work but then a random guy walked past and they sprinted when he managed to open the door.

They got to the counter and asked for two cheese burgers and guess what the guy at the counter said? He said that every burger they had fell a part in the middle of the kitchen. Well that was the most pointless journey they ever had in their lives! But they did know one thing… they had to confront every fast food place that had ever been rivals with Mc Donalds.












































































Secret Player

One day in the life of  Neymar  in a town I call Rio. One afternoon he went to the street to play some football and curiously,  a scout from  Santos was there. At first glimpse he thought that he was an ordinary Dad but it turned out to be a scout. They were just about to start an 11 aside match so he asked to join in and they said “impress me to get a trial for Santos. 90 minutes 45 each way lets go. 12 minutes in and Neymar cut inside and shot but just went over. The scout shouted “that’s amazing you are my go to player for this trial”. It was halftime when the scout called over Neymar and said “you already have a trial you don’t need to impress me no more because  your the best player I’ve saw for ages now”. The weeks went by until he got a letter saying “come to the Santos for this trial” so Neymar immediately got his torn up shoes and went there. They put him through his paces and then it was time to hear the news to see if he can sign for his first professional football club. the Mighty Santos.

The snowman

As i run to my bed my Mum came and kiss me. And turn off the light . After hours i wake up and i can t sleep I looked at my master piece it was good it is freezing i can t sleep so i put my coat on and go to the stairs. It was midnight the clock shouted dong! dong! I was so scared . My master suddenly flash of light and he came alive. He smile and flick his hat.

Jordan and Ethan going to KFC!

It was a sunny day when Jordan and Ethan were going to KFC to have their lunch (which was going to be delicious). Before they opened the door, someone else did and they didn’t close the door. So guess what happened? They got knocked over before they could react. Jordan shouted “Why did they do that for?” A roar of anger traveled through his throat and he swore. Ethan replied “Anyway, let’s get some burgers with chips and especially Pepsi Max! Jordan got up and they both went up to order the masterpieces.

After they had finished their food, they got up went past the door and Jordan said “By, but next time don’t get knocked over by the door because that gave you a pretty bad bump.” Ethan answered “Same with you,bye.”

The Gender War

“Stop! Now! You can do better than this! Trust me! You can resolve this in a different way!” Future shouted.

Life isn’t easy in Merrimesh. Everyday is constant fighting – everyone is involved. It’s between men and women. They think one gender is better than the other one when in reality, they’re just as bad as themselves. Girls and boys under the age of 16 will live inbetween Northshore (men) and Esterdell (women). A soon as it’s their 16th birthday they are immediately sent to site they need to be on. But even in Merrimesh (where children are), the boys and girls are separated with a lake of green, life-taking acid. They can never be in contact with the other gender. Well, that changed between 2 people. A young girl called Future and a boy called Tyler. Future and Tyler, who are spilt apart, had enough of this business. they wanted this to end- they were tired with the constant fighting. This year was the year for change…

 It was lunchtime. 12:00. Future was having her favourite- lasagne. She was doing her daily thing, fighting, lunch, fighting, dinner, fighting and sleep but today was different. She felt this weird urge to go on the other side. She knew it was wrong but she couldn’t help herself. She had being getting these weird dreams the day before and they turned into reality. It started to get to her head and she felt deep inside that she was going crazy. she sat down for her lunch and she had a vision; a vision that she would escape this so like prison. She held this beautiful, pretty necklace her mother got her before she died. She had this weird connection with it  every time she had a vision. She was now thinking that it was real…






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