All About Me!!!

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Name – Jessica or Jess or Jessie

Age – 10

Class – Springbok

BFF- Carrie, Neeve, Lola and Bella

Teacher – Mr Gould 🙂

Siblings – Brother – Toby

In the comments below tell me one of your favourite thing to do !!!

Arsenal football team

December 6th, 2017  Tagged

My favorite team is Arsenal because they have good attackers and good midfielders. My favorite player is Lacazette and Mesut Ozil. My favorite one is Lacazette. I wish Cristino Ronaldo and Gareth Bale were in Arsenal.

THE WARNING! 50 word story

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One gloomy night, it was Halloween. One house was decorated very spooky and 
if you dare to enter it your will be very very very scared. They give you 
heads instead of sweets. It is very scary if they ask you to come to their 
basement say no... 

Netball Match Against Wicklea Academy

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On the 21st of November some of Holymead’s Netball Team went to Wicklea Academy for a netball match. We started off by warming up. We ran up and down and we practiced our throwing skills. Next we got our positions. To start I was Wing Defense on the blue team. As we started playing Wicklea got lots of scores and then we got one. The scores were 3-1! The next match I was watching and we scored 4 more! Now the score was 5-4 (because they scored again)!  On the last game (which was really short) the team got two more and they got two more so we won! I was Goal Keeper so I couldn’t score. The scores were 7-6! We were really happy that we had won!


By Neeve

Netball match!

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Last Tuesday we played against Wicklea Academy and we won 7-6. I was goal attack and scored 4 and Tchii was goal shoot and scored 3. Wicklea were really good and it was a tough game. We really enjoyed the game and we are very grateful  we were able to play!


By Lola

Candy floss by Jacqueline Wilson

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My favoute book of all time is candy floss! This book is about a young girl called Floss who loves spending time with her family till a horrible day comes when she has to move to Australia . Floss decides to stay at home with her dad but then disaster strikes and they find themselves homeless! I LOVE THIS BOOK! My favoute part is when floss and her dad are at the fair.

By Mia

By 18mia


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Which watch belongs to which witch.

No gnome knows which gnomes knows knows. 


Holymead news

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Competitive competition

The winner for the cover of the choir concert competition was 
finally revealed on Wednesday 15th November 2017, in singing assembely.
The winner is:
Celia M in Year 6!
She drew a scene of The Christmas Nativaty complete with angels,
a donkey, 3 wise men and even some shepards! Miss Barlow announced 
that they had,had lots of gorgeous entries and they had a hard time of

the girl screamed wolf part four

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She ran. Ran as fast as she could. She didn’t know what she was running from. She heard the pounding of paws as the wolves ran behind her. But she thought to herself  why was she running from her own father. Then everything went black. Maybe she’d been attacked – maybe even killed! No one knew what would happen next.

By Mia

series four coming soon

Chutney song bye Jess B

November 30th, 2017  Tagged

Hey baby want some chutney ? Yo yo yo yo. If  you like chutney raise your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Look at your partner give them a smile. Spin around and  you are in a shopping isle. Jump up and down. You will see a man you may want to ask were the chutney could be. He may say it’s in  isle 3. Walk  up and down until you will find yourself in chutney town. He will say goodbye young lad. It then turned out to be your….DAD!

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