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  If I were the leader, I would ban fox/ wild animal hunting. I feel foxes are harmless peaceful creatures. Even though some farmers would argue they kill their livestock, this is happening because they need to survive. There is no other food (More)
If I were leader of the world for one day, I would focus on goal one: No Poverty. I chose this goal because I think that anyone and everyone should have a place that they can call home and feel safe in. To do this, I would open hotels to all people w (More)
Amelia wrote: Poem
Peace is a gift Peace is something to be grateful for, Peace is a gift Sometimes peace looks like a closed door Peace is a gift Peace can be rare and hard to find Peace is a gift Yet peace is there, in everyone's mind Peace is a gift (More)
Everyone has heard at least one annoying saying, and it just keeps coming back to haunt you... But here is a solution!!!!! I will now tell you some of the annoying sayings and their comebacks: Money doesn't grow on trees- Technically it does (More)
Hi, everyone has questions and they all must be answered; even the really stupid ones. So, if you either: A. Know the answer to everything. B. Want to annoy people. C. Are just bored and want something to do. Then I strongly advise you (More)
Jessica wrote: Pets:Cats
♥Cats!♥ Cats are the best thing that have happened to me! I have had two cats one I longer have and one that I have currently. My first cat  was female and was called Dotty we rescued her! Chase we had from birth he's really cute and is a male (More)
Amelia wrote: Photography 📸
Lots of people think that photography is boring and don't think that it is fun. However, I got a camera for Christmas and I have really enjoyed using it so far. There are lots of different things you can take pictures of once you get used to using it (More)
Lots of children would love to have a pet, but their parents say no. Arguments spring between parent and child. I do not take sides, however in this problem I feel I must. Never throw a hissy fit about having a pet otherwise your parents will thin (More)
'This book tells a fascinating and disturbing story that frightened me nearly to death'- Lemony Snicket Coraline is an excellent (yet scary) book that leaves you wanting more and more after every page. Living at home with only your mum and dad, t (More)
PHILIP PULLMAN Philip Pullman has written a number of different books including: The Fire-Work Makers Daughter; Clockwork, Darkness Visible, The Ruby In The Smoke, Mossycoat and obviously, The Northern Lights and part of his dark materials The (More)