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#13 of the Global Goals is "Climate Change" or "Global Warming". The thing I am talking to you about is polar bears and the ice caps melting. Pollution in our world is getting very high and is melting the ice in the Arctic quicker than you can say (More)
Emily R wrote: Year 6 play!
  Hi there! 17emilyR and 17nicoleD here!!   On Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd of May we auditioned for the annual Year 6 play. This year it is called Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits. It is supposed to be funny with a lot of puns and j (More)
Jessica wrote: Macmillian Bake Sale
The bake sale that we had at Holymead Primary School was super good it was extremely yummy and a lot of money was raised which i'm so happy about. If I  had more money on me I would of bought lots of things there was lots of cakes that really looked (More)
Emily R wrote: Skellig Imagery
I took a breath, switched on my torch, and stepped inside. I heard scuttling. I heard scratching. I shone my torch in his pale as Dracula face and his weary eyes narrowed. I stepped closer, now shining on his moth-eaten, half dead black as night fea (More)
On Thursday 26th January I raised money in a bake sale for Macmillan Cancer Support. This is because my Gran has Cancer and I wanted to do something to help. Previously, I have done a blog about what cancer is and what we were doing. If you haven't r (More)
Hello people of the world! My name is Emily and welcome back to my Bake Sale For Macmillan!!!!! This will only be a short one because I have already explained what happened in #2. My goal was to make £100 and we made... £93.10!!!!!!!!!!!!! We wer (More)
Hi! I'm Emily and at my school I am raising money for a bake sale! It is to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support as my gran has cancer. I felt really worried and decided that I wanted to do something about it. But before I explain everything, I w (More)
Hi! I'm Emily and I have to say David Walliams' The World's Worst Children is one of my favourite books. I would have to give this book a 10/10 because it made me laugh so much  (it also sort of made me want to rush to the toilet a couple of times!) (More)
Hi my name is Emily and I have just finished reading the first book of The Chronicles Of Narnia. It is called The Magician's Nephew. This may sound a bit confusing to those who have watched the first film (The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe) but th (More)
Christmas is a time for sharing and getting together with family members. A time for having fun and opening presents, hoping Father Christmas will leave you some presents and surprises under the tree. But is it like that for everyone? Does everyone t (More)