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I would end poverty. I would end world hunger. I would give money to hospitals and schools so they can get what they need. I would give everyone an education. I would make sure the oceans rubbish amount is decreased drastically. I woul (More)
Harry wrote: Letter To SeaWorld
Dear SeaWorld, I am writing to you to stop or improve Orcas in being in captivity. I think Orcas in captivity has went on for too long !   One of the problems is Orcas are social animals so they would have to be with their group. And if (More)
Harry wrote: Poem
Imagine a world of peace, Where all is happy, Where all is the same, A place with friendship and cure, A place all with with love and happiness , A place with no hate or poverty, A place that I imagine.   (More)
The wind whistled as it crept into the castle. The waves mauled the castle walls. The dreadful howling from hell itself struck my ears ! I could only carry on to do what was my fate ... I was urged by the demons within the depths. The taste of guilt (More)