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If I were leader for the day, I would let everyone have their rights and do what's right for them without getting told that it's wrong.  Not only that I would also give them a healthy lifetime until their time has gone. Firstly, every child would (More)
Jessica wrote: Macmillian Bake Sale
The bake sale that we had at Holymead Primary School was super good it was extremely yummy and a lot of money was raised which i'm so happy about. If I  had more money on me I would of bought lots of things there was lots of cakes that really looked (More)
Hi this is Holly and today I am going to tell you in this piece of writing how to get fitter than what you are already. Do swimming. If you swim lengths you can get fitter. Today I did 37 lengths and pulled a muscle in my stomach so do 15 or 10 (More)
Holly wrote: CAMP!!!!!!!
Hi my name is Holly and I am with Sylvie (17sylvia) and we are going to tell you about camp. The first thing that you need to know is that it's going to be FUN Here are a few essentials that you will need: Clothes(not jeans) Toothbrush (More)
Holly wrote: Keep safe online!
Hi this is Holly and I am going to tell you how to keep safe online! To keep safe online you need to: Ask your parents if you see anything weird. Always check if you are allowed to go on anything before doing it. If you see any adverts (More)
Holly wrote: Assessments
In our school it is assessment week which if you didn't know is where you do tests to see how well you are getting on in lessons and to see what you have to learn or do more of. Assessments are quite  hard but you need to have faith for yourself (More)
Holly wrote: Never give up
Hi this is Holly and in this piece of writing I am going to tell you to never give up. The first thing to never give up is to believe in yourself and to have faith in you at all times. If you don't have faith and belief in yourself you could ge (More)
Holly wrote: WW2 day!
Hi this is Holly and in this piece of writing I am going to tell you about WW2 day. I am really excited because I can finally wear makeup to school only for 1 day though. It is really nice because we can see what other people are wearing. I am als (More)
Hi my name is Holly and I am going to tell you how to cure your boredom. Spin in a circle and count how many times you can spin without getting dizzy. Do your favourite sport for a little bit. Go on a little walk or jog to get you fit, hea (More)
Hi my name is Holly: in this blog I am going to show you what I do every weekend for breakfast(for my family). The first thing I do is wake up and go downstairs to make the breakfast for my family. I always make eggs because that's what I know how (More)