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If I were leader for the day , I would make sure that all countries have zero hunger. To do this I would travel round the world giving money to all the governments and say this is for people in your country who do not get to eat three meals a day. Al (More)
Shaquille wrote: Ashton Gate!!!
Hello, We all went to Ashton Gate on the 24th of May and the teams who went were Holymead Year 6&5  girls and Year 6  boys also the Year 4 boys!!! As well as that, the year 6 girls came 4th, the year 6 boys came 4th and the year 4 boys came 2 (More)
Scene: On a stormy night at the top of King Duncan's castle. Lord Ross road in on his horse to tell king Duncan that he had a visitor out side of the castle. Lord R:(Panting for air)You have a visitor at the door. King D:Who is it Lord Ross? (More)