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If I were to be a leader I would change the world a bit I would give more money to poor people. I would also give homes to the homeless people. I would make school meals free. By Maxim Nuse xxx (More)
If I was a leader for a day I would .,.. Even out the money from richer countries to poorer countries. Have a now pollution day : No driving cars or running the big fatories that cause a lot of pollution. Have a free school meal day so child (More)
♥♥ If  our world was peaceful. ♥♥ I dream that diversity is celebrated . That we are all treated equally.                                                                (More)
Jasmine S wrote: Book recomendations. xXx
Some people can struggle to choose the right books to read. When choosing a book you must have some interest in the story line of the book. Here are some books that are good for all readers : DIARY of a wimpy  kid The pointless book Dork (More)
Mollie wrote: 'Disaster Day'
Beep! Beep! Beep! I woke up by the sound of my phone. It was early (6:00). It was raining. And I was tired. It was a school day and I was miserable: miserable because of the 'Disaster Day' yesterday. Basically, It started when I woke up on the wro (More)
Chloe wrote: Peer mediating
As you may know Holymead Primary School have had peer mediators for a while now.  Because I'm in year six, I got chosen! My best friend, who is my peer mediating buddy, is a great help with sorting out problems. I love being a peer mediator: you ge (More)
This is a book that I have read through the library. It really is a spine-chilling read! In class, we have been learning about tension. Here are some ways that you can build up tension when writing a book. . Cliffhangers . Short snappy sentences (More)
PET CARE. Taking care of a pet is a major responsibility. A pet is not just a play-time mate for you : it requires care , attention and lots of petting ( LOVE.) Looking after your pet consists of : Feeding   (the right foods. )Water is (More)
Are you the type of person who seeks for adventure ? Do you want to know how to survive on a deserted island ? Then this is the guide for you! Not only will you learn some top tips on how to survive on your own, you will find out : How to fin (More)