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If I were leader for the day I would give more money to charity. To get this money I would raise TAX for richer people even though rich people might give money to charity but they still have alot of it left. As well as this I would help to stop world (More)
Well. If I were to be the leader for the day, I would try my best to make the world a better place. First of all I would try to help stop poverty all around the world. Just achieving this one global sustainable development goal could help achieve man (More)
Shaquille wrote: Ashton Gate!!!
Hello, We all went to Ashton Gate on the 24th of May and the teams who went were Holymead Year 6&5  girls and Year 6  boys also the Year 4 boys!!! As well as that, the year 6 girls came 4th, the year 6 boys came 4th and the year 4 boys came 2 (More)
In my opinion I think these guys are the best at what they do and they have had to work as hard to be were they are! L.Messi C.Ronaldo L.Suarez G.Bale T.Silva M.Neuer Neymar Da Silva Z.Ibrahimovic A.Iniesta S.Aguero (More)
Jed wrote: Poem
Imagine a world of peace, No more war. No difference between black and white, That is a world I would like to live in.   Imagine a world of peace, Where everyone is friends, Where everyone has a home.Where everyone is happy, (More)