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Jessica wrote: Brutal? Part 4
I was now sweating ; It was a dream I was still laying in the hay. My heart was thudding quietly. The dream felt real it was a hazy day I felt the sun beating down on the hay making me sweat. My throat went dangerously dry I would have to drink even (More)
Jessica wrote: Brutal? Part 3
Sweat trickled down my forehead I dashed under the hay the hay stuck to my back the wind whistled in my ear. The time ticked on and my head started to twitch and I decided I would step out of the hay my leg popped out first and my hand slid out next (More)
Jessica wrote: Brutal? Part two.
I cried all night. The night would never come to end. I lay there tossing and turning every now and then. I could feel the cold chill of Olivia creeping up on me whispering telling her death was my fault finally I slept. Olivia and I were walking hom (More)
Jessica wrote: Brutal?
Slowly I crept towards the cherry blossom tree where fate would wait for my arrival! There he would lay waiting,waiting for my arrival. He would know,know what I had done and I would be punished,punished. I'm not ready,ready for what will wait for me (More)
Jessica wrote: Orca Whales
Orca Whales   I will be talking about Orca Whales being held in captivity from different view and discussing the main points in Orca Whales being held  'hostage'.   Orca Whales are extremely intelligent. Orcas can be smarter than humans (More)
Jessica wrote: YouTube
♥YouTube♥   YouTube is where you can watch videos to entertain and watch videos people find this extremely entertaining. You can also post videos and earn videos there are MEGA You Tubers  such as PewDiePie, DanTDM, Zoellla , Dan and Phil , (More)
Jessica wrote: Macmillian Bake Sale
The bake sale that we had at Holymead Primary School was super good it was extremely yummy and a lot of money was raised which i'm so happy about. If I  had more money on me I would of bought lots of things there was lots of cakes that really looked (More)
Jessica wrote: Peace😇
Peace is a rare thing in the world today Peace is something that can be hardly see Peace is something that we should be grateful for Peace is something that will always beat war no matter how horrible Peace is something hat brings friend,neighbou (More)
Jessica wrote: Poem/winter
Welcome to of my poems I have been doing lots of poems recently this only because I really enjoy them<3.       The streets are cold. And people are over-whelmed by the passing of Christmas. Shiver...shiver....its so cold. Come on (More)
Everyone has heard at least one annoying saying, and it just keeps coming back to haunt you... But here is a solution!!!!! I will now tell you some of the annoying sayings and their comebacks: Money doesn't grow on trees- Technically it does (More)