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I would ban smoking. I would remove budget cuts. I would ban drinking dirty water and get them clean water. I would ban bad  foods, I would ban killing animals. I would ban and make illegal stuff that have been illegal  in the past. (More)
Finnley R wrote: If I Ruled For The Day
If I were leader for the day, I would rebuild the apartments in London and give anyone affected free homes so they have somewhere to live and stay whilst there apartment gets rebuilt. This links to goal 11: Sustainable Cities and communities. As well (More)
Louis wrote: Donate
If you donate no one will hate. I dream of a world where there is no hate . You're rich don't keep it all to yourself Other wise they will think your not cool.   (More)
Michael wrote: I dream of a place
I dream of place with happy people and no one is snappy. No ones rough and we have all the stuff we need. No one wants and no one stomps around. (More)
Louis wrote: MACBETH
My dearest dear, It is with great pride and bravery that i write to you. The battle which was deadly but victorious, was the best battle we have had. After our victory, we celebrated on the way home . Can you believe that MacDonald betrayed our co (More)