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Shaquille wrote: Ashton Gate!!!
Hello, We all went to Ashton Gate on the 24th of May and the teams who went were Holymead Year 6&5  girls and Year 6  boys also the Year 4 boys!!! As well as that, the year 6 girls came 4th, the year 6 boys came 4th and the year 4 boys came 2 (More)
Ellis wrote: GO CARTING
Hi, I'm Ellis and I am going to tell you about my first time go carting indoors. When I was going to the go carting place with my BFF Lucas, the traffic was horrendous so we started making roses are red, violets are blue jokes. After about 1 hour an (More)
I really like this book because its really interesting and amazing!Its also good because its about someone in high school and they are always getting in trouble and it teaches lessons on like don't lie or don't be rude or this won't happen. All your (More)
Lucas wrote: Lapland #2
The next day, we all went walking with a sledge each to another gargantuan sledge slope on a half an hour walk either way. We were all exhausted! We only had two goes on it then headed back to the hotel to sledge. After that we had lunch  and start (More)
Lucas wrote: Lapland #1
I went on holiday to Lapland for Christmas. It's in Finland- a really cold country! We went on a plane for 2 hours 53 minutes. When we arrived in Lapland, we looked out of the aeroplane door and all we could see is snow falling. After that, we went o (More)
Dear Diary, I was delighted to hear that my attractive husband's team has won! It must have been a ghastly (but exciting) battle against the Norwegians.They're as timid as mice-aren't they? When the battle ended they must have been as merry as dan (More)