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Maddie R wrote: Caricature description
As the gloom shone through the dust , it revealed the door to the garage , the old delapidated garage... There 'it' was. It's skin was paper thin and it's pallor was a ghostly white. His hands were gnarled like the branch of a ancient tree, his kn (More)
Maddie R wrote: Dear SeaWorld,
I am writing to you to explain my concerns about Orca Whales in captivity. I think some changes need to be made: As you are a multi-billionare co-operation, you can afford to expand on the whales tanks and add sea water to in instead of chlorinate (More)
Maddie R wrote: I dream of a world.
Don't judge people by the colour of their skin,  Judge them by the soul within. As the war rages one people are alone, Peace is as small as a little stone. Make this right, do not fight, try to save the day, Then everyone will live (More)
Maddie R wrote: Poem about summer !
Sun, sea and sand are all things I enjoy something that can be used as a toy playing around with all your friends trying out new summer trends high and low, low and high don't eat all that apple pie!   (More)
Maddie R wrote: pets.
WARNING: Do not try the way of convincing your parents,  you could get into serious trouble. If you do try this the blame is not on me. Try within your own risk. Pets are an adorable thing to have but if you have parents who won't let you have a (More)
I am so excited that I got a ticket to the Strictly Come Dancing live tour! Sadly, you can't see me on TV because it's not filmed. Any one who isn't  a strictly fan, will not under stand the following: It's Len Goodman's last show. I can't w (More)
As the clock tower struck like the tolls of hell, the ground shook beneath me as if telling me to stop. The raven itself is horse. I could feel the bitterness of the air, it was taking my breath away; the salt stinging my lips. The waves rolled again (More)