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Dear Sea world, I am writing to confirm my concerns about the Orca Whales that you are keeping in captivity. Due to distressing news points that have reached me, I would like to discuss the welfare of these majestic creatures! In the wild Orca (More)
They say Romeo and Juliet, Killed each other at the end, But the true story is much more complex, It truly will drive you round the bend. One evening sweet Juliet did go, To ball of her fathers, Oh what a show! Then what did her eyes fall on I (More)
Every term our school is lucky enough to participate in swimming lessons for each year group. The swimming lessons are vital life skills and a great to have fun and keep active (also we get to miss out on some lessons!) Every term we go to the same S (More)
I have been reading a lovely book called listen to the moon, by Michael Morpurgho. It is all about a young fisher-boy named Alfie who finds a mysterious girl on a deserted island. Where does she come from? What does she know? Could she like some of t (More)
Nia wrote: The demon phone
Hundreds of years ago when phones were first around, You know the little ones with buttons on. My great, great, great ect grandad was in town, He decided he needed a phone to. You would think he would occasionally message and text, Or maybe do a (More)
The plunge was icy. Silencing all the breath from me...piercing my lungs. I call,wail, howl in pain, but no-one listens. There is no light no darkness, hovering somewhere between light and infinite black. I lost all feeling everywhere I could cling t (More)
I pulled my hoodie further up my face and clutched my suitcase in my left and my other bag in my right, I simply hoped they would be there... The queue was seemingly endless to the reception, I waited my turn and with knots in my tummy as I got to th (More)
Money is the one thing that divides us all, It is not some dreadful beast. It can be hard or made of card, And it ends with'ey' Money comes with large businesses, They have lots of it so they say. But not enough to pay their taxes, They don't (More)
Nia wrote: Lost
Starving darkness surrounding, Lost and alone. The silence cannot be as defining, When you are home alone. Cars left seemingly abandoned, On cold empty streets. The air remains breathless, No-one is even asleep. No chatter rises from the ward (More)
I find that each time I go on blogs I find something interesting to read. Each blog is enjoyable and I would sincerely recommend any blog to a friend. However, sometimes I feel like people are writing blogs that are very similar to other people's. I (More)