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If I were leader for the day I would base my actions on making everyone's lives better and letting everyone have their rights.   Firstly, every child, rich or poor, would get a quality education. Poorer children- who may have to pay to go (More)
Ripley wrote: Garage Description
As I approached the ram-shackled garage, I felt my heart start to race. Would I really do this again? Why am I taking these risks? Ignoring my conscience, I cautiously turned what was left of the doorknob and entered. As soon as I had got in, the (More)
Ripley wrote: The Spelling Bee
Today we took part in 'The Spelling Bee'. In this event, we each have a word to spell. When there are three people left in a class, they all go to the final. In our class-Salamander- Jed, Namu and I have all got through to the finals. When I did it I (More)
Hi. Do you ever wonder what Sergant Barker would be like if he was nicer than in The Secret Life Of Cats? Well, if you want to know what (probably) would have happened if he was this blog is for you. First of all, he probably wouldn't be a part (More)
Ripley wrote: Chocolate
Chocolate Chocolate, chocolate where are you? Chocolate, chocolate how do you do? Chocolate, chocolate you're the best! Chocolate, chocolate you're better than the rest. Yummy, yummy you're so great! Yummy, yummy you're like bait. Yummy, yumm (More)
Many people want their hair to be fabulous. Sadly, you can't get any books on how do get so. This is merely the reason I've  decided to do this blog. In several easy steps you will be able to have amazing hair!!  First, choose your scent. This (More)
Finally, there is a reason to eat chocolate. Many of us normally have this as a special treat but what is the actual reason of eating this sweet and delectable nourishment? In this blog I shall tell you why we should eat a bit more chocolate. Firstl (More)
Ripley wrote: Secret Life of Cats 3
"Do ya know what ya doin' fellas?" asked Sergant Barker. "Yes Sarge!" replied several of the policemen. "Ok then. Lets do this..." whispered Sergant Barker, in a lower tone. Later that night (around nine) the Police crept to the back of the (More)
Hi, everyone has questions and they all must be answered; even the really stupid ones. So, if you either: A. Know the answer to everything. B. Want to annoy people. C. Are just bored and want something to do. Then I strongly advise you (More)
Sooty had heard her owner Tabbatha's friend (Billy) talking about this to Tabbatha. "Have you heard about the cat-burglar? The Police say that it is a pure black cat with a white mask over its eyes!" exclaimed Tabbatha's friend Billy. "Really? (More)