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Miss O'Toole wrote: Assassin Kitties! By Sofia
Another brilliant comic from Sofia! And the Etherington brothers loved it too! (More)
Once there was a girl named Sofia, she was a very shy and she was really wanted a dog. Her parents said no every time she asked. Then one night, Sofia and her parents when out for a drive at night and Sofia saw a shooting star. She didn't alert her p (More)
My cats, Peppa and George have been doing fine. George has been very NAUGHTY!!! Because he has been peeing on stuff like: Spare computer keyboards that my brother gave to me, boxes, my non Velcro school shoes, normal shoes, my musical keyboard and on (More)
This story is about five Enchanted crystals spread about the land. DanTDM and Trayaurus have to recover the crystals before they fall into the wrong hands. Dan and Trayaurus have to stop their Arch-enemy, Denton. Trayaurus uses his spectacular gadget (More)
I've been getting on fine in the game, especially making new things. The first thing I want to say is that I have had some really fun times, even when I demolished my old arcade... IT FELT AWESOME!!!! I've even been practicing making made up stori (More)
Once there was a boy named Cerman,well, Cerman was one of the most baddest boys in' The Royal Alliance'. James however was always the good one. He did his chores when his parents asked him to, he was allowed his friends round and he was allowed to pl (More)
Dear Diary, We arrived at Rio and we got some food, saw lots of birds and also saw The Great Redeemer and we stopped to play Football with me, my mum and dad. November 8th 1991 We made it to Japan and we found a Martial Arts Academy and we w (More)
Dear Diary, I was delighted to hear that my beloved husband had won the battle of Scotland and Norway and Scotland won! Following the prophecies, he'll become king and I'll become queen! Confused in wonder, I began to think that even though (More)