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Shaquille wrote: Ashton Gate!!!
Hello, We all went to Ashton Gate on the 24th of May and the teams who went were Holymead Year 6&5  girls and Year 6  boys also the Year 4 boys!!! As well as that, the year 6 girls came 4th, the year 6 boys came 4th and the year 4 boys came 2 (More)
Diary of the wimpy kid is a book  by a man called Jeff Kinney.It's about a young teenager called Greg Heffley,his friend Rowley and family.Him and Rowley want to make a horror movie but they don't know what to do it about,but then Greg looks at some (More)
Toby R wrote: Lady Macbeth
I was delighted to hear that my loving Macbeth won the war over those Norwegian peasants. But things even better happened! Three witches! Yes witches! They said that Macbeth shall become Thane of Cawdor and even King! So I could become Queen and I co (More)