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I love this book so much! Although it is a little bit sad, I still like it. It is brilliant, if you see this book in store, BUY IT!!! Probably you'll ♥ it too. I'd rate it a 5 stars out of... Hm let me think. 5! Its ace! David walliams is such an (More)
Emma wrote: My Book Review!
My favourite author is Jaqueline Wilson! My favourite books are also Best Friends, Candyfloss and more! Best Friends Best friends is about a friend who goes to Scotland and Gemma her friend manages to still contact her. I would give this book 1 (More)
Alex rider is an action and adventure story and I love the book because it feels as if you fell into the book and you are playing the part of the character. I really like his characteristics because he is always looking forward and on the bright side (More)
                     Gods and monsters I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU A PAGE OF GODS AND MONSTERS             THE MIDGARD SERPENT After Odin tossed  jumungand  into the ocean, the serpent grew so enormous that he complet (More)
My favourite book is The Midnight Gang by David Walliams because it is really adventurous. My favourite character is Amber because she is really bossy .The reason why I like this book is because David is  child friendly and makes his books funny.He (More)
Our book review is about Alex Rider, 'Stormbreaker'. When MI6 recognise his potential, Alex Rider is armed with secret gadgets (no guns) and sent on his fist mission. But the teenage spy soon finds himself in mortal danger. He is at home. Hope yo (More)
The hounds of Penahallow hall is all about a little girl who moves to a mansion everything is new to her.When she came strange things she had never heard before.Until one cold night every thing unfolded. She Knew her life was about to change and ther (More)
Lukasz wrote: BOOK REVIEW
I have read a cool book called Gotrek And Felix. It’s a very nice book about a dwarf slayer and a human. My favourite part is where Felix gets mad and tears up a magic book. I recommend it to everyone. (More)
World of Norm! I've started reading this book in class and wow, i'm surprised how quickly it can send me into an virtual world. The story is based on a middle-school kid who has lots of obstacles in his life to withstand to do the things he loves. (More)
Lukasz wrote: Book review
Percy Jackson and the lightning thief I is a fantasy and adventure book . About a boy who's father has gone after a ship voyage. And his mum died becouse a minatour  killed her and Percy went to camp half blood . Well I have to stop writing about t (More)