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I love Harry Potter because I love hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry. My favourite character is Hagrid. My favourite part out of all of the books and films is the part when Harry and Ginny kiss. My least favourite part was when Harry,Ron (More)
It is amazing you should read it. By Saul (More)
I like this book because it's funny and it has a tiny book for a mouse it the back of the book I would recommend this book to someone adventurous ?? Out of 6 stars I give it 6?? By 20bo (More)
Mr G wrote: Christmas
On the snowman there is a hat, Although he is quite fat. Holly and mistletoe hung on my door, Presents strewn across the floor. Robins skidding across the icy lane, It's Christmas time everyone,HOORAY!!!!!!!!!! (More)
Beatrix wrote: Paddington 2
I loved it all, especially two reasons, when Paddington put the electric toothbrushes in his ears and when his auntie came to the Brown 's house. The only thing that I didn't like was when Phoenix Buchanan blamed the crime on Paddington and he was se (More)
Asmit wrote: snowman
I like it this movie . I like when they were flying and when snowman came to life By 21asmit   (More)
Olivia wrote: Snow man
I love the fact that the snow man come s to life. I didn't like when the snow man melted. I would change the bit when the snowman melts, I think he should go away and comeback the next day because that would be much happier. By 21olivia (More)
This book review is about a story based on twelve brothers . In the story one of the brothers is the dad's favourite his name is Joseph ,this was because he reminded him of his wife , Jacob wanted to let everyone know how much he loved so he bought (More)
What I liked: I liked when they(James and the snowman)had a party. I also liked when James got his present from farther Christmas. But my favourite part was when they were in the kitchen and the snowman was trying on different noses because it was f (More)
Mr G wrote: The snowman
The story is about a little boy who builds a snowman on Christmas eve. That night the snowman came alive! Then the boy hears a noise, he goes rushing outside and sees the snowman alive. They fly to see Santa and lots of other snowmen. Then they fly b (More)
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