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Jasmine wrote: My pets
dark purple = cats magenta = rats I have two pet rats!😃 Although one of them bites, we still love them.  The one that bites is named Summer and the one that we hold nearly every day is named Spring. They love nuts scrumpypops (rat nug (More)
Ripley wrote: Secret Life of Cats 3
"Do ya know what ya doin' fellas?" asked Sergant Barker. "Yes Sarge!" replied several of the policemen. "Ok then. Lets do this..." whispered Sergant Barker, in a lower tone. Later that night (around nine) the Police crept to the back of the (More)
Hi it's ♥Anna♥ and this blog is about an imaginary cat. There was some one moving in right that very moment and so I picked up my paste and ran as fast as I could. When I got there I  slipped through the gap and  I was in. The owner of that (More)
Sooty had heard her owner Tabbatha's friend (Billy) talking about this to Tabbatha. "Have you heard about the cat-burglar? The Police say that it is a pure black cat with a white mask over its eyes!" exclaimed Tabbatha's friend Billy. "Really? (More)
Hi It's Anna and  I'm blogging about an imaginary cat called Alfie. If you would like to see part 1 then go ahead and check it out!!!!!! He stood up to make himself  feel and look slightly bigger but as he found out soon enough that didn't do (More)
Jessica wrote: Pets:Cats
♥Cats!♥ Cats are the best thing that have happened to me! I have had two cats one I longer have and one that I have currently. My first cat  was female and was called Dotty we rescued her! Chase we had from birth he's really cute and is a male (More)
Once there was a cat called Sooty. But this was no ordinary cat- oh no! This cat was a world class burglar. Around the world things were going missing. First it was just a few pairs of socks. But then it started to get to get serious. Wedding rings w (More)
 Cats are cute and cuddly animals who love a hug. You can get different breeds which can include: Tabby, Longhair, Siamese and Burmese. Cats and kittens both make a special friendship that will last forever. Although they are a lot of r (More)