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Sophia B wrote: Christmas!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! I don't know if it's just me, but I love Christmas. Seeing your family, eating buffets, presents, eating Christmas dinner, MORE PRESENTS. It's all just so fun. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I love Halloween. It's awesome this time of yea (More)
Szymon wrote: Christmas
Do you like Christmas? Christmas is so good. (More)
Rosie wrote: Christmas!
On Christmas  I might be going to Granny's and seeing my cousins. We will hopefully play some games and eat some food also open up loads of presents. Some of my aunties and uncles are coming as well  as the cousins. It will be really fun but noisy (More)
I am spikey, I wear baubles, I wear tinsel, I am green, I have a star on my head. What am I? By Tiger Class (More)
Dear Santa, For Christmas please can I have: A fluffy pencil case from Asda  A stack of paper Now that's what I call music 2017 A feathery, beautiful dress Red hair spray from Claire's Blue hair spray from Claire's  A smal (More)
Miss Payne wrote: Christmas Carol Concert
On Friday, the whole school walked to the church to take part in a Christmas carol concert. It was lovely to see the whole together and the sound was beautiful! (More)
New York In a couple weeks I'm going to a city called New York. The population of New York is so insane that I can't tell you (I probably could) it's amount of people. Some of the highlights of this beautiful place is Times Square, Statue of Liber (More)
Livvy wrote: Christmas!!!
At Christmas everyone has lots of fun and on the first of December most people get to open an advent calendar.  Most peoples favourite part of December is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but not everyone celebrates Christmas. I do though because m (More)
Wiktoria wrote: Christmas 2017!!
This Christmas I would want: 2 Jojo Bows and ingredients to make…. I will tell you on my next blog about the ingredients!   I am really happy towards Christmas because everyone gets cool presents and spend time with their families and friends!! (More)
Jasmine wrote: My pets
dark purple = cats magenta = rats I have two pet rats!😃 Although one of them bites, we still love them.  The one that bites is named Summer and the one that we hold nearly every day is named Spring. They love nuts scrumpypops (rat nug (More)