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Jessica wrote: Brutal? Part 3
Sweat trickled down my forehead I dashed under the hay the hay stuck to my back the wind whistled in my ear. The time ticked on and my head started to twitch and I decided I would step out of the hay my leg popped out first and my hand slid out next (More)
Jessica wrote: Brutal?
Slowly I crept towards the cherry blossom tree where fate would wait for my arrival! There he would lay waiting,waiting for my arrival. He would know,know what I had done and I would be punished,punished. I'm not ready,ready for what will wait for me (More)
Jessica wrote: Orca Whales
Orca Whales   I will be talking about Orca Whales being held in captivity from different view and discussing the main points in Orca Whales being held  'hostage'.   Orca Whales are extremely intelligent. Orcas can be smarter than humans (More)
Jessica wrote: YouTube
♥YouTube♥   YouTube is where you can watch videos to entertain and watch videos people find this extremely entertaining. You can also post videos and earn videos there are MEGA You Tubers  such as PewDiePie, DanTDM, Zoellla , Dan and Phil , (More)
Jessica wrote: Poem
  Weird things I know for a fact that  apples grow on trees and peas are orange I know for a fact that most people live on Mars Nothing grows on trees Languages are numbers numbers are letters Carnivores eat meat!! (More)
Hi, everyone has questions and they all must be answered; even the really stupid ones. So, if you either: A. Know the answer to everything. B. Want to annoy people. C. Are just bored and want something to do. Then I strongly advise you (More)
Jessica wrote: My hopes and dreams!
I would like to do well in my SATS and become better at Maths. I would also want to become better at cooking: I really enjoy it . I hope  my future career  will be cooking I  want to pay full attention to this as well as doing good in my SATS . In (More)
Jessica wrote: Holymead!
I have been at Holymead for seven years and I am currently in Yr 6 and I'm really enjoying it.  Every year I learn something new and I also really like the teachers and subjects that they teach here. I am also making lots of new friends. There are a (More)
                     Who is responsible for Macbeth's downfall? I think that Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the 3 witches are all to blame for this awful tragedy. I feel that if the witches had not planted the seed and Lady Macbeth (More)