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Have you ever experienced a once in a lifetime boat trip around the world? Nobody would be sure about sailing the blues. On the way there you could see the beautiful scenery and maybe some undiscovered creatures. Firstly you can explore new countr (More)
Would you like to take this wonderful opportunity to sail around the world? Sailing around isn't for everyone. Would you? There are some dangers that could trip you up along the way. However, there are some extraordinary sights that you could see. (More)
Have you ever wondered what experience it can be sailing around the world and learning about new animals and lands? Did you ever think of surviving and thriving through awesome adventures of doom and success? On one hand, it can be a lifetime expe (More)
Have you ever thought about the experiences of sailing around the world? Some people think it would be a very risky journey and that it would be hazardous:others think it would be a very entertaining learning experience. First of all, it would be (More)
I opened my eyes. Standing in front of me was a person not much taller than me. How could he survive with no running water 💦  and no food? Was this thing even a human? Why is he so small? All along I thought it was an ape. He must be the o (More)
Dear Diary, We arrived at Rio and we got some food, saw lots of birds and also saw The Great Redeemer and we stopped to play Football with me, my mum and dad. November 8th 1991 We made it to Japan and we found a Martial Arts Academy and we w (More)
Jessica wrote: Rescue letter!
Help! My name is Michael. I'm  from Southampton. I fell of my boat called the Peggy Sue. I am now marooned on this island with my dog Stella.I'm only twelve and I feel as if i will never see my parents again. I'm also running out of water, food and (More)
Crashing and rolling, the waves loomed over me like red devils! This was a nightmare come true! But that wasn't a good thing, oh no. The more I think about it, the more terrifying it sounds. I was dying, I was doomed! Wrestling for dear life, I reac (More)