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Dear Diary, I was elated to hear that my husband (Macbeth) has won this gruesome battle. But at the same time, I am not surprised because Macbeth is a brave and brutal man who has never lost a battle. Anyway, if he really tried he could've fought an (More)
                     Who is responsible for Macbeth's downfall? I think that Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the 3 witches are all to blame for this awful tragedy. I feel that if the witches had not planted the seed and Lady Macbeth (More)
Dear Diary, I was delighted to hear that my attractive husband's team has won! It must have been a ghastly (but exciting) battle against the Norwegians.They're as timid as mice-aren't they? When the battle ended they must have been as merry as dan (More)
Dear Diary, I was delighted to hear that my beloved husband had won the battle of Scotland and Norway and Scotland won! Following the prophecies, he'll become king and I'll become queen! Confused in wonder, I began to think that even though (More)
Dear Diary, I am delighted with our victory against the evil Norwegians! My husband Macbeth fought like a rhino charging into battle. I am also delighted about his prophecies from those vile witches. But I still want to know about my prophecy's an (More)
Dear diary, I am pleased to hear that Macbeth won the war; I knew he would anyway. He is the most powerful of them all-nobody would ever defeat him. The Norwegians didn't stand a chance! Macbeth is as brave as a lion charging at its prey when it c (More)
As midnight struck, Macbeth walked down the corridor, remembering his deed. He was holding the sharp pointy daggers, ready to stab King Duncan! The wind was whistling; you could hear the word MURDER! He could smell stale beer drifting and following h (More)