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Back at the castle a huge party has been set. It has a huge table in the middle with two long thin benches at either side. King Duncan's throne has been put at the head of the table and the most luxurious feast has been made. Laughter  rang around (More)
                     Who is responsible for Macbeth's downfall? I think that Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the 3 witches are all to blame for this awful tragedy. I feel that if the witches had not planted the seed and Lady Macbeth (More)
Gabriel wrote: Macbeth Play Script
Scene: It was a dark and a stormy night full of thunders and raining. All humans of the village slept, but Macbeth and his wife don't slept they  was preparing to kill King Duncan. They was very crazy for the prophecies who say Macbeth will become T (More)
Louis wrote: MACBETH
My dearest dear, It is with great pride and bravery that i write to you. The battle which was deadly but victorious, was the best battle we have had. After our victory, we celebrated on the way home . Can you believe that MacDonald betrayed our co (More)
Shaquille wrote: Macbeth
As midnight struck like the tolls of hell, Macbeth approached king Duncan's chamber . He heard the death bells summering Duncan to his fate . As the tempestuous storm rose and rose Macbeth got closer to be king of Scotland . The leave-less trees m (More)
Dear Diary, I was delighted to hear that my attractive husband's team has won! It must have been a ghastly (but exciting) battle against the Norwegians.They're as timid as mice-aren't they? When the battle ended they must have been as merry as dan (More)
Finnley R wrote: Macbeth Imagery
As Macbeth crept down the hall ,the wind howled and screamed like a murder of crows trying to warn Duncan of whats to come!The dark laughed wickedly at Macbeth,pushing him closer and closer.The raging sea,which exploded through the windows,gave Macbe (More)
As the clock tower struck like the tolls of hell, the ground shook beneath me as if telling me to stop. The raven itself is horse. I could feel the bitterness of the air, it was taking my breath away; the salt stinging my lips. The waves rolled again (More)
The wind whistled as it crept into the castle. The waves mauled the castle walls. The dreadful howling from hell itself struck my ears ! I could only carry on to do what was my fate ... I was urged by the demons within the depths. The taste of guilt (More)
Unknown wrote: THE DEATH OF BANQUO
As the lighting flashed, it lit the place up with light . As Macbeth entered the castle, the shivers went down his spine. while the waves roared the bitter of the air made him nervous.  Even though the hells haunted Macbeths head, he was getting c (More)