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Harrison wrote: MINECRAFT !!
If you don't know there is a popular game called minecraft. The good thing about minecraft is you can play with your friends, family and you can have a build battle and there are other cool stuff like death battle. It is not just a boy game it is a (More)
Hello there people I am here to tell you how to survive a night in Minecraft . So sit back and relax  and enjoy the show.   When you join the game you start in day . Then  if you wanted a chest  in the game you would probably know how t (More)
Namish wrote: Minecraft!
Hello I am here to talk about minecraft. I have made a mansion, a spaceship, a hunger game and much more. You start as a guy called steve . You have to fight monsters to survive the night. As you start the game a tutorial pops up and then y (More)
Jasmine wrote: MINECRAFT
Minecraft is a game where you can build lots of impressive buildings !! So far, I have made a tree house, a rainbow house and a giant pig. That is only in one world though. I have also got a world with exactly 14 buildings that I have built! Minecraf (More)
Wiktoria wrote: Minecraft
Minecraft is the best game ever because you can build whatever you like. Once I even built a house, swimming pool,hotel and a fancy house made from wool. What do you like to build in Minecraft? (More)
Harrison wrote: Minecraft
Minecraft is a cool game because you can play with your friends but remember that you have to play with your friends only!!! (More)
Hello this Kahlem today I am writing about The new update in Minecraft. As you might know Minecraft is a very popular game. Before the game wasn't that good but now it is brilliant. The two biggest features are the end , the end city and the elytra. (More)
Kahlem wrote: Minecraft
Do you like Minecraft? Well if you don’t I’m going to tell you what you can do. You can build houses by getting lots of wood, dirt and stone. You can build a crafting table and make doors, windows, weapons and even food! I really enjoy m (More)
Dominic wrote: my new ipad
Hi I'm Dominic and I had  a new ipad  for Christmas. It is amazing! I have downloaded plants vs zombies on it and my friend got a youtube channel. For minecraft pocket edition it is 6.00 to get on the ipad but on the xbox it is like 4.60 or somet (More)
Why we should play minecraft is the question that some people ask and that is why I am writing about this subject Minecraft  is a breath taking game which you can play on -Xbox’s , tablets ,computers and iPads  etc  . So you might need to lear (More)