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Your rabbit What are rabbits? Are they wild? Can you keep them for a pet? 1]Well, rabbits are fluffy, cute and lovable . 2] Some rabbits are wild, some are tame . 3]Yes, you can keep them as a pet, that's why I made this blog! Cleaning (More)
Wiktoria wrote: My pet rabbit
What does she like to eat?                                                   She  likes to eat carrots and fresh veg. Also as a snack she may eat a daisy with grass and some water. My mum and dad bought it for me and my br (More)
Jasmine wrote: My pets
dark purple = cats magenta = rats I have two pet rats!😃 Although one of them bites, we still love them.  The one that bites is named Summer and the one that we hold nearly every day is named Spring. They love nuts scrumpypops (rat nug (More)
His name is Nibbles. He loves to chew your fingers and it really does not hurt. He is soft like a pillow or wool! Maybe your wondering were he is from? He is from Russia. You can buy a dwarf hamster at Pets at home. His most suitable food is smashed (More)
George M wrote: My Dog Ted
 My dog Ted he's a mix of pug and jack-russel. Which means he's a jug! He's not got a flat noes he's fur is brown he's super fluffy.  He loves his toy burger he's got three burgers! He snuggles on my lap a lot. He loves cheese. He's lucky that I gi (More)
Sienna-Ellis wrote: My pets
My pets are called Talliah and Bindi. They are crazy. Tally sleeps on my bed. And she bites my toes. Talliah is so white and Bindi is black. They fight all the time. Talliah and Bindi are on my bed right now.   (More)
  Smokey is my adorable cat. He is black with white specks also with a white tummy. I'll tell you a story. Once Smokey gave me a big,wet kiss right by my ear with his nose!I tried to wipe it off but it didn't work that's because I couldn't f (More)
Messi (my Guinea pig) is cheeky because when I get grass and give it to him Messi he spins around and I think Messi thinks "I need more food." Messi is very greedy. Is your pet greedy? By Evie G ( Guinea Pig lover) (More)
Wiktoria wrote: Pets
Have you got a pet? I have a pet and it is a bunny. Why are bunnies cute? Well my bunny is cute because it has it's ears down and has a lovely ginger and brown fur. If you want to see that kind of bunny then go on the internet and write bunnies and (More)
Erin wrote: Coco my hamster
Coco is the best hamster in the world an Lola my rabbit is wonderful.here's a poem   L Lola is beautiful, O over the holiday they who they let go L Lola is so beautiful A and Purdue to(my cat) A and Cicero my hamster is even cu (More)