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Jessica wrote: Brutal?
Slowly I crept towards the cherry blossom tree where fate would wait for my arrival! There he would lay waiting,waiting for my arrival. He would know,know what I had done and I would be punished,punished. I'm not ready,ready for what will wait for me (More)
Jessica wrote: Orca Whales
Orca Whales   I will be talking about Orca Whales being held in captivity from different view and discussing the main points in Orca Whales being held  'hostage'.   Orca Whales are extremely intelligent. Orcas can be smarter than humans (More)
Jessica wrote: YouTube
♥YouTube♥   YouTube is where you can watch videos to entertain and watch videos people find this extremely entertaining. You can also post videos and earn videos there are MEGA You Tubers  such as PewDiePie, DanTDM, Zoellla , Dan and Phil , (More)
Jessica wrote: Peace😇
Peace is a rare thing in the world today Peace is something that can be hardly see Peace is something that we should be grateful for Peace is something that will always beat war no matter how horrible Peace is something hat brings friend,neighbou (More)
Sylvia wrote: Poem: Peace
PEACE I dream a world with peace Where there are no wars Everyone is equal And there's no hatred I dream a world with peace Where there is no crying or sorrow And no rascism I dream a world with peace Where everyone's happy and healthy And (More)
Hi this is Holly and today I am going to tell you in this piece of writing how to get fitter than what you are already. Do swimming. If you swim lengths you can get fitter. Today I did 37 lengths and pulled a muscle in my stomach so do 15 or 10 (More)
Sylvia wrote: Friends! :)
Hi, today I'm going to do a blog post on friends. Friends are sooo important and you will have loads of different ones throughout your life but there will always be that one friend who stays with you the whole way. Without my friends I would feel a (More)
Jessica wrote: Poem
  Weird things I know for a fact that  apples grow on trees and peas are orange I know for a fact that most people live on Mars Nothing grows on trees Languages are numbers numbers are letters Carnivores eat meat!! (More)
Jessica wrote: 500 word challenge
The 500 word challenge  I do not know much about the 500 word challenge but what I do know however is that you get books for your prize and I really really like books I have nearly read all of Micheal Murpurgos books  and  all of David Will (More)
Jessica wrote: Poem!
Luxurious  in the night sky Igniting the flame on a candle Glistening in the gloomy night sky Heating up the room Telling stories around the glowing light    Hope you enjoyed my small poem about light  <3 Jess <3 (More)