Christmas Riddle Homework

Hello Tamarin Class!

The Christmas holidays are getting closer by the day and lots of us are getting ready to celebrate with our families.

For homework can you try and solve these Christmas riddles? Leave a comment on this post if you think you know the answer. Alternatively, see if you can write a riddle for your friends.


Riddle One: 

I’m always chilly,

I need a scarf,

I have buttons but I have no coat,

What am I?


Riddle Two: 

I love toys,

I’m smaller than you,

I have a job with you know who.

What am I?


Riddle Three: 

I have no wings but I can fly,

I have a special job to do,

If you see my nose it glows.

What am I?


Riddle Four: 

On Christmas night I go, go, go.

I ride at night with a ho ho ho!


9 Replies to “Christmas Riddle Homework”

  1. Toby

    Santa puts presents in me
    I hang on the fireplace
    I’m long and sometimes you get coal in me
    I’m like a giant sock


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  2. India – answers
    1. A snowman
    2. An elf
    3. Rudolph
    4. Santa
    5. Christmas cracker
    6. Christmas tree
    7. Star
    8. Stocking
    9. Bauble

    Riddle :
    You eat me sometimes at Christmas
    I am yummy and delicious
    I am a hot country and a bird
    What am I?


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