Harriet the spy blog wars

 Hi I’m Yusuf and today I am talking about a movie that is called named Harriet the spy blog wars. I recommend this movie because it is fun and your entire family can watch it. 

The film is about a girl named Harriet  who really wants to become the  class blogger. With help from her two best friend Janie and sport, Janie who might save  the world if she doesn’t blow it up first and sport he’s not good at sport even though his name is sport.

Harriet sneaked up on her arch enemies icon to get some information for the blog.While sneaking up on the icon Harriet gets in big, big, big trouble.

In the end Harriet makes friends with the icon she hated. The problems she had caused  were gone.

The Snowman movie review

Summary of The Snowman 

The Snowman is a story about a boy called James and a snowman.The snowman comes alive at midnight and they go on adventures together.They even discovered the North Pole/woods and the other snowmen come too!!


Parts I liked 😀

I like the part when Santa gave James a present.I also liked when the snowman came to life!

Parts I didn’t like

I didn’t like it when the snowman died at the end :(.

How I would improve 

I would make the graphics better.I would also put another snowman at the end!


On the snowman there is a hat,
Although he is quite fat.
Holly and mistletoe hung on my door,
Presents strewn across the floor.
Robins skidding across the icy lane,
It’s Christmas time everyone,HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

Ashanti’s Christmas list

My Christmas list

I will be writing about what I want the first a hover board the second thing I’m would like is a charmed DVDs complete series the third thing I’m want is to have a letter from winter wonderland saying I  can have a ticket for me and my mum and I want music bows that the end of my Christmas list

by ashanti


My weekend with Benji

. On Friday Benji likes coming to my house he loves our Christmas tree. On Saturday I went to freedogs for my birthday party it was lots of fun. On Sunday we had a quiet day and made Bracelets I made Benjj one too. We went to bed redy for school on Monday.

By 21tilly

Captain Underpants film review


It’s about a mean, grumpy man called Mr Krupp. And two boys called Harold and George. Mr Krupp was a headmaster of a school. No one liked old, mean Mr Krupp. But one day Harold and George peeked through the big, creaky door and watched as Mr Krupp talked to the dinner lady rite nexed to his office. As he went with the dinner lady Harold and George went into his office and looked into thier draw and found the Hipnoring.

When Mr Krupp came in they hypnotised him into…Captain Underpants!

What I liked

I liked the way they were making it all fun for people to enjoy it and make thier own superheroes.

There wasn’t anything about the film I didn’t like.

I didn’t want to improve it.

By Jacob Miles

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is nice

Hot chocolate is sweet

Hot chocolate makes our heart complete

add marshmallows, whipped cream and flake for a treat

put it all together for a Christmas feast!



by 21Olivia.

Paddington 2

I loved it all, especially two reasons, when Paddington put the electric toothbrushes in his ears and when his auntie came to the Brown ‘s house. The only thing that I didn’t like was when Phoenix Buchanan blamed the crime on Paddington and he was sent to jail.I can’t tell you anything that I would change because the move is so good and the actors are brilliant. Also, the characters are magnificent.

By 21beatrix