My weekend with Bruno

Bruno met my cats Teddy and Billy. Bruno slept in my bed with the eyes cover. Bruno helped me with my word search and we went to the library. Bruno then helped me and dad decorate the christmas tree. Bruno played a game of Mouse Trap with me.

By E

Christmas Quiz

Hi  Children.

It’s getting near to Christmas so we thought you would like a Christmas quiz!

Leave your comments or even better make up your own riddle for us to solve.

Riddle One

I’m always chilly,

I need a scarf,

I have buttons but I have no coat.

What am I ?

Riddle Two

I have no wings but I can fly,

I have a very special job to do,

If you see my nose it glows.

Who am I ?

Riddle three

I love toys,

I’m smaller that you.

I have a job with you know who

What am I ?

Riddle Four

On Christmas Eve I go go go,

I ride at night with a ho ho ho.

Who am 1?



My weekend with Bruno

Me and Bruno were eating healthy food like grapes.Bruno and I went to my swimming lesson it was lots of fun.At my rainbows 30th birthday party Bruno had a picture taken with me and all the rainbows.Me and Toco will be going to Axis where I do gymnastic also where my brother does trampolining.

By Lucy

Bruno and Toco

Bruno the bear is a Rights Respecting Bear and is an important visitor. He helps us get along and it ‘s not just that he likes to have fun , in the book of Bruno we write about him and what he has done.  When  we bring  him back to school we share news about him. There is also Toco in Toucan class. To Miss Anness

Thank you for your comment Albie.


Bruno – The Rights Respecting Bear

Hello. This is Bruno our  Rights Respecting  class bear. He’s a very happy bear who likes to go to children’s houses and join in with all the fun.

If you have taken Bruno home or would like to have him, please write what he has been up to or what activities you would like to do with him.

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the new Toucan class Blog!

We look forward to sharing all your work and comments this year.

Let’s play a game.

Can you guess what these pictures are?

Good luck!