STEAM Exhibition

This week, Year 2 visited the Juniors’ site to visit the school’s projects that were made for the STEAM exhibition (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.) Each year group was invited to create their own piece inspired by the theme of Up, Up and Away.

For our project we focused on Space and showing line and texture in different  mediums. We enjoyed creating our own pastel chalk “space” pictures, decorating a rocket recycles and painting 3-D planets with powder paint. We are very excited that our work will be shown to many people outside of school when our project gets taken to The Paintworks on the 16th and 17th of January.

Toucan class. Please write what you thought of the art and anything you particularly liked. I ‘m looking forward to reading your  posts!


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  1. I liked the Year 3’s work because of the shape’s of the clay airplanes. I also liked the colourful planets. But best of all was Year 5’s work because they really did life like.My favourite picture was the SS Great Britain.


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