Despicable me 3

Who are the main characters?

The main characters are Gru, Lucy and their daughters Margo, Edith and Agnes. Balthazar Bratt is the villain and Dru is Gru’s twin brother.

Where is it set?
It all began when Gru and Lucy were on boats racing to stop Balthazar from getting the world’s biggest diamond.

I liked it when Gru finds Dru because Dru is the exact opposit to Gru.

By Finley!

Finley’s awesome adventure!

Once upon a boy named Finley was born. Even though he was a baby he was very, very clever. When he grew up he became very tall and powerful. So one day he went on an awesome adventure. When he got deep into the forest he found a creepy monster having a peaceful stroll. The monster was very scared as it was very frietening for it. Finley killed the scared monster  and walked away to find his next adventure.To be continued.

The snowman

The Snowman is a story about boy who made a snowman which magicaly came up to live. The boy showed Snowman around the house and they had fun playing with the music. At the end  the Snowman had to go to father christmas to gave the boy a present but It was time for the boy to leave so he did. In the end the Snowman melted making the boy sad. He  waited till the next Christmas to make the snowman again to have more adventures.

I liked when  they went on the motorbike. I disliked when the Snowman melted because it was very sad. Instead of melting  the Snowman I would like it to live in a freezer with green peas.



Lorrys are like big trucks.

Lorrys transport things such as bricks, food, drinks and clothing and much more.

Also can you say this red lorry yellow lorry very fast well I can’t.

Christmas party!

On Sunday I went to my Granny’s house for a Christmas party.

It was great, I played chess and played monopoly.

I won twice.

I loved it because I got to reunite with my whole family.

Film review of The Snowman

I love the snowman especially the  part when the party starts. I give it five stars if I could I would I would recommend it to everyone .  To improve I would love the boy James and the snowman to speak.

By Lily Clarke

Review of Big Hero 6.

The film that I want to write about is Big Hero 6. In the story there is a little boy called Hero. His brother had built a big robot called Baymax before he died. Hero and Baymax went on a huge adventure to take down the bad man.

I like this film because there were lots of very cool bits like when Baymax started to fly and parts of the film made me laugh and some made me sad. I think the film would be better if they all had weapons that they can shoot out of there armour.

the terrific lion

Once a upon a time there where two lions called Bob and Milly. They are twins also they are mischievous. Bob and Milly are ten there mum is so soft and furry.

The Snowman

A boy  lived with his  Mum and Dad. In the morning it began snowing the boy  quickly got dressed . He went outside to build a snowman.  At midnight  the snowman came alive.  The boy  ran outside and he asked snowman if he wanted  to go inside and he said yes. They went into the lounge, the boy said do you want to go by the fire, yes the snowman said. The snowman got too hot and the boy said do you want to go in the fridge to cool you down. They went into the Mum and Dads room, the snowman put makeup on and dungarees on.

I liked when the snowman came alive and when he put makeup on his cheeks. It could be better if  they could speak.


Going to London 😀😀

I am going to London to sing carols with my cousin. I can’t wait to see my cousin in four days. After I have sung some Christmas carols I am going to be staying with her and her brother.